speech-developmentSpeech and Language are two different but related developmental paths for children.  Children can be delayed in their development of their speech, their language, or both.

Simply put, speech articulation is the the way we turn individual sounds into words. In English these sounds roughly match the letters in our alphabet. We combine the speech sounds k-a-t to form the word “cat”.  A child delayed in speech might say “tat” when they mean “cat”, or “wabbit” when they mean “rabbit”.

There is a wide range of what is considered typical or “normal” speech sound development, and different sounds develop at different times.  At Exceptional Speech we assess your child’s speech to determine which sounds require therapy, and which can be left for natural development.

Benefits of Speech Articulation Therapy for Children:

  • Easier to understand
  • Improved spelling
  • Avoid entrenching incorrect speech patterns

Language, on the other hand, is how we organize our words into sentences, change statements into questions, change words into plurals and past or future tense, and tell coherent stories, to name just a few.  A child with a delay in language may begin speaking late, have a hard time following directions in class, have difficulty making friends, or do poorly in school.

At exceptional speech we have the assessment tools to determine whether there is a language delay, and the therapy tools to help them catch up and thrive.

Benefits of Language Therapy:

  • Improved ability to understand others and express themselves
  • Increased problem solving ability
  • Better social development
  • Improved academic performance