2014-10-22 15.25.40Qualifications:  James Burden, MSc, RSLP

  • Master of Science degree in Speech and Language Pathology granted by the University of British Columbia.
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology granted by Simon Fraser University.
  • Registered as a speech-language pathologist with the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of British Columbia
  • Member of the BC Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists
  • Member of the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists


  • Exceptional Speech and Language Services. James continues to treat clients for stuttering, social communication, learning challenges, literacy, auditory disorders and language delays. He now also provides accent reduction services.
  • Two and a half years with Avery Fluency Services. James treated adult, youth and child clients for a variety of speech disorders, including stuttering, autism spectrum disorders (ASD), social communication difficulties resulting from ASD and other learning challenges, literacy acquisition, auditory processing disorders, and language delays.
  • Two years with the West Vancouver School District. James worked with teachers and students, evaluating and reporting on student’s abilities and recommending on-going treatment for speech and language disorders, primarily in relation to speech articulation and literacy acquisition.
  • One year with Communication Assistance for Youth and Adults (CAYA). CAYA is a BC Provincial Resource Program that supports adults aged 19 years and older who require an augmentative or alternative communication (AAC) system due to a severe communication disability. James worked with clients whose speech was not functional for daily communication, evaluating their abilities, recommending assistive devices, and training clients and caregivers in their use.